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Bruno Quotes | Fashion & Entertainment

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A collection of Bruno quotes taken from his reports from the fashion and entertainment world. Check out our main Bruno quotes section for more killer quotes.

Bruno Quotes

"Do you need any more models because I'm like Chrysler's Muse in Austria."

"Before we even start, let me just drunk you in."

"How do you deal with that awkward situation of somebody in a wheelchair coming and you want to push them away but you don't want to create a scene? How do you turn them away? Do you ignore them or wheel them away?"

"Do you think if house music was around in the 30's World War II would have even happened?"

"The rise of club music, the fall of apartheid - coincidence or not?"

"Look at the evil people in the world, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Stalin what do they all have in common? Moustaches!"

"Is it a coincidence that all the good people have long hair, like Jesus, and like hippies and you know Rod Stewart."

"A lot of the style gurus in Austria are saying like Osama Bin Laden is thee best dressed guy, do you think so?"

"Fashion saves a lot more lives than doctors."

"Burt Reynolds, keep him in the ghetto or train to Auschwitz?"

"Liza Minnelli, do you wish her a benign tumor or a malignant tumor?"

"(about Peter Jackson) You had 9/11 where you had a massive attack on America and then you have this, its like a mini-9/11."

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