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Bruno Quotes

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Quotes from our favorite gay Austrian, Bruno! We've been through the Bruno DVD's and picked out some classic Bruno Quotes that you won't believe; quotes taken from Bruno interviews with people from all across America.

Bruno Quotes

Bruno Movie Quotes

A select few quotes taken from the Bruno Movie.

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Bruno Quotes | Fashion & Entertainment

As Bruno or 'Chrysler's Muse' reports from the shallow and dim world of fashion and entertainment, he tactfully says the stupidest things and Bruno's victims nod in agreement and go on to say even more stupid things.

These Bruno Quotes will touch on the serious issues of apartheid, World War II and Rod Stewart's mustache; see all the Bruno Fashion & Entertainment Quotes.

Bruno Quotes | The Christians

It's very clear than Bruno's technique is to intimidate and shock Christians by saying the most gay and vulgar things at all times. Our favorite quote was when Bruno was interviewing a Pastor and he offered him a table dance and said something about Freddy Prince Jr. crawling on all fours; find out more Bruno's Christian Quotes.

Bruno Quotes | Gayness & Homophobes

We believe Bruno is at his best when he is saying gay things to anti-gay people, it was great when he went to an Arkansas gun show and asked about putting guns up the poopenschafte or when he asked a 50 something libertarian if he would like to date.

These Bruno quotes will show you just how gay can Bruno get... Bruno's Gay Quotes.