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Who is Bruno?

Who is Bruno

Who is Bruno?

Bruno is the third fictional character created by the enigmatic British comedy actor and writer Sacha Baron Cohen. Bruno is largely unknown to the masses but he is secretly filming skits and fake interviews with unsuspecting victims for the upcoming Bruno Movie which will aim to match the financial success of Sacha Baron Cohen's first Hollywood hit "Borat".

So if you know about Sacha Baron Cohen's "Ali G" character, an illiterate British ghetto ignoramus and his second "Borat" the backwards Khazakh bigot, then you should have an idea of what expect.

So Bruno

He is a young gay Austrian fashionista who just can't tolerate unfashionable people and would gladly put them onto a train to Auschwitz. He speaks in a high pitch moany voice in English with his German accent, he will always throw in a German slang term probably from the hardcore gay scene or Austrian youth.

Bruno will be dressed in a tight fitting edgy outfit showing his arms and maybe his midriff if the seasonal fashion allows it. If you don't meet his high fashion standards he will look down on you like a piece of dirt and won't hesitate to throw an insult your way.

What does Bruno do?

In the usual Sacha Baron Cohen form, Bruno is a reporter for Austrian youth TV and specializes in fashion, entertainment and high fashion news. He travels around Europe and the US with his microphone, cameraman and wardrobe interviewing other fashionistas and unsuspecting members of the general public, Bruno will appear to be a positive a friendly reporter from Austria but of course its all a trick and his interviewees don't have a clue.

He'll talk about clubbing, design, models, society, homosexuality, culture, celebrities, entertainment and world affairs in general but Bruno's cunning interview style will always result in either embarrassment, shock, insult or violence.

Bruno's Victims

His subvert tactics can work against anyone but he usually targets either people in the fashion world or people who generally are conservative or homophobic. He will make fashion designers look like retarded hill folk and a church pastor listen to detailed descriptions illicit gay sex acts.

Whats in store for Bruno?

Sacha Baron Cohen has a big movie deal with a large film studio and it looks like a Bruno Movie is in the pipelines; for Bruno to successfully snare victims he needs to be an unknown so the studio and Sacha Baron Cohen are both not commenting on the production of a Bruno Movie.

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