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Bruno's Interview Technique

Bruno's Interview Technique

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Bruno will begin all of his interviews by providing the unwitting subject with the notion that they are in the position of power. Bruno does this by behaving like an adoring fan for his interviews with people from the world of fashion or like a naive foreigner when interviewing people from the US.

So the would be victim is relaxed and prepared for a nice and easy interview.

Fashion / Entertainment Interviews

Bruno will aim to make his victim look as stupid, shallow and vain as possible without them actually suspecting anything throughout the whole interview. Bruno will give the impression that he is extremely fashionable and represents an audience of equally fashionable youth; this puts his victim under social pressure to agree with Bruno and follow the 'crowd'

Bruno takes full advantage of this social pressure by making ridiculous, ignorant and offensive statement with the aim of getting his victim to agree or make even more ridiculous statements. Bruno will agree with everything said and his victim won't have any idea of what is going on.

He will make fashion designers say they want unfashionable people sent to a Nazi concentration camp and Liza Minelli to get untreatable Cancer. Bruno will ask leading questions that contain obviously incorrect statements and his victim will agree with them to avoid conflict. Bruno once asked a fashion designer why cardboard was a strong feature in his fashion show and the designer went on to give an in depth explanation of the cardboard theme when in reality cardboard did not feature at all in the show.

Conservative American Interviews

Bruno will aim to reveal his subjects blatant prejudice and hypocrisy whilst confronting them with raw homosexual behaviour and conversation. He will exaggerate his body language, voice and expressions to fit the flamboyant gay stereotype his conservative interviewee probably expects and fears most.

Simply by being as gay and direct as possible is all it will take to make the unwitting average American look like a backwards, homophobic redneck. Unlike his interviews with those from the fashion world, he will be very confrontational in his dealings with conservative American men with the aim of creating conflict and anger.

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