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Bruno's Gay Cage Fighting Prank

All of this happened in June but we only heard about it yesterday - the Bruno Movie team have been setting up fake cage fighting gigs in Arkansas to get a captive audience of potential victims. The cage fighting fans were lured with offers of 1 Dollar beers only to be met with Bruno's XXX-rated homosexual antics in the ring.

This Bruno prank involved hiring out 2 venues in Arkansas, one in Texarkana and one in Fort Smith, and publicising the event through posters and craigslist ads.

The setup worked because hundreds of fans turned up at each event, all expecting some hardcore cage fighting action with 1 Dollar beers at the bar. People were able to meet the promoter "Straight Dave" and some actual cage fights took place, not the highest quality fights but people got their $5 entry fees worth.

Enter Bruno

Bruno would come out in between each cage fight and taunt the crowd with general homosexual statements like "I dare one of you fags to get in here" - we can only imagine what he was wearing, maybe hot pants and a thong?

But the party really started when Bruno and a fake cage fighter introduced as "Peto Philer" started brawling, stripping each others clothes and eventually kissing while wearing just underwear. The two men then started simulating oral sex and the crowd went wild - half went straight for the exit and others pelted the cage with beer and chairs.

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