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Bruno Vocab

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Understanding Bruno can be tricky at times so we have created this Bruno dictionary to help understand some of his vocab. Remember, Bruno uses sexually explicit terms so don't read on if you can't cope.

Schizer = Shit

Arscher = Ass

Shpunken = Ejaculate

Schpritzen = Ejaculate

Schawasenstucke = Penis

Upschtane = Erect

Poopenschafte = The Ass Hole

Stinker = Anus

A Walk On The Brown Side = Sex in a man

Train to Auschwitz = Where unfashionable people belong

Being Fabulous = Being a queen

Ich Don't fink so = No way

Nicht Nicht = No No!

Ach Ja = Oh Yes

Enschuldegung = Hello

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