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Bruno's Victims

Bruno's Victims

Bruno can unleash himself onto anybody at anytime. He can operate undercover in the fashion world by appearing as one of them or he can operate in Alabama as a weird foreigner who wants to learn about America.

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Bruno's Fashion & Entertainment Victims

- Fashion Designers

After a particular fashion show, Bruno asks the designer about various fictional themes that don't actually appear in the show. He asked why cardboard is used as a theme in the show and the designer went on to give an in depth explanation of the use of cardboard; in reality cardboard had nothing to do with the show. Bruno also asked the same designer to explain why the show was 'light' and then why the show was 'heavy'.

- Hairstylists

Jonathan Antin agree to some pretty meaningless statements about all evil people in the world having mustaches and good people having long hair; he responded by saying he was "very impressed" that Bruno "brought these issues up".

- Casting Director

One agreed that Osama Bin Laden is cool and fashionable.

- Celebrity Journalists

While reviewing outfits of celebrities at awards shows Bruno made journalists say "train to Auschwitz" if they didn't like a particular outfit. Bruno has also made journalists reverse their opinions by simply asking them to, this reveals their willingness to say anything just to get on TV.

Bruno's American Victims

- Masculine / Homophobic Men

Bruno will use his apparent gayness against his victim by being extra flamboyant, stereotypical, sexual and confrontational. He will interview men at an event without revealing that he is filming for 'Austrian Gay TV', this will be his surprise at the end that will get the best reaction from his victims who are disgusted by the thought of being paraded on TV as gay.

- Patriots

Bruno translates freedom in his own special way, "freedom means his right to hold his boyfriend Diesel's hand in public".

- Religious Right

When interviewing a pastor who claims to be able to convert gays Bruno details explicit gay acts he has performed and asks the pastor if it means he is gay. Bruno also asks if watching "Will unt Grace" or eating chocolate is considered gay, the pastor says watching Will and Grace is gay and eating chocolate dessert with Christian friends is not gay.

Bruno asks in his most sincere voice "after I'm converted could I choose to spend my life with a chick with a dick?". Bruno's next line of questioning leads to asking the pastor how long he has been straight, the pastor says he has always been straight. In disbelief Bruno offers to give the pastor a lap dance to see if he is turned on, as Bruno is getting up the pastor refuses the dance. Bruno follows up with "if Freddie Prince Jr. crawled in here now on all fours, are you telling me you wouldn't want to undress him?".

- Old-fashioned Conservative Americans

Bruno will target the most obviously not-gay men and behave as if they are gay. At a barn dance in Georgia Bruno targets his middle aged instructor and continually talks of starting a romance with him, he takes every opportunity to touch him too. As the dancing partners are swapped around Bruno tries to dance with another man purely to make his instructor "jealous". He then calls any women that dance with his fancy man a bitch. He ends his painful performance by asking his instructor "when will I see you again?" because "this is my last night in Georgia".

His next victim is a large stocky man at a gun show, Bruno starts off by talking about guns with some slightly loaded questions "what is your biggest gun?" followed by "do you need to use lubrication with a gun like that?" finally Bruno asks "how far can you put that up the poopenschafte before its dangerous?". His victim rubs his hands and looks uncomfortable when he admits "I probably wouldn't use that up the poopenschafte".

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