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Bruno Profile

Bruno Profile

First Name: Bruno
Surname: undisclosed
Age: 30 -35

Language: German mit English. He also speaks the language of the Austrian Gay community and Austrian Youth in general.

Nationality: Austrian "a country where Handchenhalten between men is prohibited by law".

Height: 6 foot 3 inch
Build: slim (Bruno thinks he is too fat)

Hair: Totally fabulous short hair with a long bleached Mohawk, the color depends on the season. He also regularly uses hair removal cream on his poopinschaft as requested by his boyfriend Diesel.

Piercings: His left eyebrow is pierced. So far we are yet to hear about any other piercing Bruno may have. We know Bruno admires a good male Schwanzenst?k but we don? know if he likes a pierced Schwanzenst?k.

Occupation: Fashion and celebrity news reporter for OJRF TV network in Austria. He speaks to Austrian youth on topics such as fashion, entertainment, celebrities and of cource homosexuality. He is known as the worlds best gay Austrian fashionista.

Hobbies: Being fabulous. Cheerleading. Having showers with men.

Political Views: Bruno often makes references to the Holocaust at very inappropriate points on his interviews; he once wished all unfashionable people could be put on a train and sent to a camp, he also remarks that wearing a not so great outfit to an awards show deserves being put on a "train to Auschwitz". Bruno also wants two men to be able to walk down the street holding hands in Austria and the American South.

Sexuality: Bruno has made contradicting statements about his sexuality; he has said he is not gay but enjoys having showers with men and admires the male penis. He claims to be a member of the Austrian gay community and has a boyfriend named Diesel.

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