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Bruno Sightings Recap

We thought we would go over the various reports of sightings of Bruno filming for the new Bruno movie, some have just been detailed descriptions of a foreign man wearing tight clothes but we hit the jackpot recently when a video aired of Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Bruno.

So, on to the sightings...

Sightings Of Bruno

NY Fasion Week - Feb 2007

We've already seen what Sacha Baron Cohen is capable of doing at a fashion show as Bruno, a rumor was circulating before the show that he would be on the prowl during NY fashion week. But in the end there was no further conformation, lets hope he was there and got some great material for the movie.

On Your Marks Studios L.A. - Feb 21st 2007

There was a reader submitted report of a Bruno sighting at On Your Marks studios in Sherman Oaks, L.A. - this report came with the first description of what the new Bruno would look like in the movie:

"He was dressed in tight leather black pants with a bedazzeled g-string showing. his hair was frosted blond and straight."

Bruno was posing as an agent for a German ad agency and was interviewing parents with their children looking for a child to do a car commercial. I wonder if this will make it into the movie?!

L.A. Trade Convention - April 2007

Another great Bruno sighting report came from the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles during a Trade Convention, Bruno and his entourage created quite a scene:

"Sacha had about 10 people with him. Three people running around with releases to sign, 4 camera people, a blonde haired producer watching the whole thing..."

This time Bruno was filming a documentary about American culture and world trade, and we have another great description of what the new Bruno looks like:

"He's dressed in leather pants, black vest and a black t-shirt. The hair is kinduva flock of seagulls/sad boy from the cure look - rusty brown hair mopped over to one side and the tips are a frosty blonde."

Read the full report here.

Wichita, Kansas - March 2007

This is the most recent and biggest Bruno sighting so far, you've probably heard about it already because it was featured on the local news and a video clip of Bruno spread across the world.

Read more about Bruno in Kansas.

Remember, is the place to get the latest news on the Bruno movie and Bruno sightings.

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