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Bruno Makes an Ass of Eminem

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Hip-hop superstar Eminem staged his latest comeback performance at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, but it was Bruno who stole the show. Just moments after wowing the crowd with a medley of songs from his latest CD, "Relapse," Eminem became the butt of Bruno's latest high-flying gag.

Bruno entered the auditorium wearing angel wings and white chaps (and very little else), seemingly suspended from the ceiling as he floated toward the stage to present one of the evening's big awards.

But an apparent equipment malfunction before he got there left Bruno stuck and dangling helplessly above the shocked audience members below. As Bruno dropped from the sky, he landed face-first in the lap of the one and only Slim Shady, with his bare asset parked squarely under Eminem's nose.

Amidst a flurry of bleeped curses, a team of bodyguards forcibly removed Bruno from the visibly shaken rapper, who stormed out of the hall in disgust. Bruno, to his credit, held true to the showbiz axiom that "the show must go on" and announced Zac Efron as the winner of the award for Best Male Performance.

But not so fast. The Best Male Performance of the night now seems to be a tie between Bruno and Eminem. Conspiracy theories raged almost immediately about how the gag had been staged. The rapper now claims to have been in on the joke from the beginning, and an MTV writer has confirmed that the entire incident was planned and even rehearsed ahead of time. Perhaps.

But if you go back and watch the clip, Eminem looked positively dumbstruck and unquestionably livid when presented with his own personal "moon man" trophy. If that was all acting, then he's a far more accomplished thespian than he showed in "8 Mile."

Either way, Bruno was the buzz of the show, and his ass-ault on one of music's biggest stars (whether staged or not) seems to have only generated more excitement for what will no doubt be the movie event of the summer.

The Bruno Movie is released world wide on July 10th 2009.

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