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Bruno News & Gossip

All the freshest news and gossip about the worlds most popular gay Austrian fashionista Bruno.

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Read Bruno's GQ Advice Column

Our favorite fashionista has doffed his duds, posing nude on the July cover of GQ. Inside, Bruno takes the reins of the advice column in an outrageous Q&A session.

Read Bruno's GQ Advice Column.

Madonna Offended by Bruno Adoption Gag

Pop icon Madonna and longtime friend Sacha Baron Cohen got into a squabble recently over a gag pulled by Cohen's alter ego Bruno.

View Bruno Upsets Madonna.

Bruno's ABC in Marie Claire Magazine

Bruno appears on the July cover of Marie Claire (UK). Inside, he shares his personal fashion A to Z as only Bruno can.

Read Bruno's Crazy Advice!.

California Woman Falls for Bruno, Files Lawsuit

Richelle Olson claims she was injured in a game of bingo while filming for the Bruno movie.

See Bruno's Bingo Lawsuit.

Bruno Makes an Ass of Eminem

Hip-hop superstar Eminem staged his latest comeback performance at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, but it was Bruno who stole the show.

See Bruno Making an Ass of Eminem.

Bruno Targets Italian Fashion Show (Photos)

Bruno decided to target an Italian Fashion show being held in Milan. He actually managed to sneak onto and walk down the catwalk looking fabulous before being dragged off by an angry looking Italian man in a suit.

See Bruno In Italy.

Bruno's Gay Cage Fighting Prank

The Bruno Movie team have been setting up fake cage fighting gigs in Arkansas to get a captive audience of potential victims. The cage fighting fans were lured with offers of 1 Dollar beers only to be met with Bruno's XXX-rated homosexual antics in the ring.

Continue reading Bruno's Gay Cage Fighting Prank.

Gay Baby

Bruno played host to a fake Talk Show where local Texans in the audience were introduced to a Gay Baby!

Continue reading Gay Baby.

Bruno Sightings

We thought we would go over the various reports of sightings of Bruno filming for the new Bruno movie, some have just been detailed descriptions of a foreign man wearing tight clothes but we hit the jackpot recently when a video aired of Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Bruno.

Continue reading about Bruno Sightings.

Bruno's Victims (so far)

Bruno can unleash himself onto anybody at anytime. He can operate undercover in the fashion world by appearing as one of them or he can operate in Alabama as a weird foreigner who wants to learn about America.

Continue reading about Bruno's Victims.

Bruno's Interview Technique

Bruno's Interview Technique

Sacha Baron Cohen uses carefully orchestrated physiological techniques to manipulate his victims in the name of humor, we have looked over the Bruno footage and noted a few patterns.

Bruno will begin all of his interviews by providing the unwitting subject with the notion that they are in the position of power. Bruno does this by behaving like an adoring fan for his interviews with people from the world of fashion or like a na?e foreigner when interviewing people from the US.

So the would be victim is relaxed and prepared for a nice and easy interview. Continue reading about Bruno's Interview Technique.

Who Is Bruno?

If you have been on another planet for the past two years and don't quite understand who or what Bruno is then you can get to know the world's best known gay Austrian fashion reporter by reading our who is Bruno page.

Then move on to the Bruno Videos section to see him in action.

The Bruno Profile

We've put together a profile of Bruno with details of his stats, personal life and hectic work life. If you want to know about his boyfriend 'Diesel' or Bruno's hobbies then check out Bruno profile.

We are still waiting for his second name to be revealed, what could it be?