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Ron Paul: This Guy Is A Queer!

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You need big balls to try and seduce a Republican presidential candidate - our man Bruno tried to use his big balls to do just that.

The 5 minute scene in the Bruno Movie comes about when Bruno gets the idea that you need to film a sex tape to become famous - this is where Ron Paul comes in.

The Bruno film crew get to action and somehow arrange an interview with Ron Paul (in a hotel room) in early 2008. Basically this leads to Bruno asking Ron Paul to "make himself comfortable" - on the bed. Champagne, strawberries and caviar can be seen nearby.

Bruno then unbuckles his belt and drops his pants, telling Ron Paul "Don't worry about it, Dr. Paul,". Ron Paul then rushes out of the room remarking "This Guy Is A Queer".

The Bruno Movie is due for release on July 10th 2009 - watch the Bruno Movie Trailer.

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