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Bruno's Erection Goes Over BIG In Sydney

" ...See Bruno's erection. Here tomorrow at 8:30am."

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Gay fashion icon Bruno took his publicity tour Down Under last week with eye-popping results. An enormous billboard overlooking Darlinghurst's Taylor Square in Sydney teased citizens with a risque promise: "See Bruno's erection. Here tomorrow at 8:30am."

Those who showed up the next day got quite a surprise. Four scantily-clad workmen wearing pink hard hats and briefs plastered up a new sign featuring Bruno in the buff, relaxing in a field of flowers. The workers seemed to have a good bit of fun getting it up (the billboard, that is), frolicking and dancing to the amusement of onlookers below.

Suzanne Stretton-Brown, marketing director of Universal Pictures Australia, commented that the billboard campaign "lends itself to being playful in the spirit of the film and the character," played by Sacha Baron Cohen. "He's had such fun with the character," she said, "and we wanted to capture something of this ahead of his visit."

Universal Pictures selected the site because of the location and visibility for an irreverent marketing gesture. Taylor Square is known as a hotspot of the Sydney nightlife scene, particularly within the city's gay community. Stretton-Brown remarked that "the billboard presented a great opportunity to integrate advertising and publicity, thereby maximizing our investment."

Paul McBeth, representing outdoor advertisers APN Outdoor, had this to say: "We are proud to be involved in this special installation. We are always delighted to be included in out-of-the-box ideas."

Stretton-Brown admitted that not just any company could have pulled off such a gag. "It's been a pleasure working with APN Outdoor as our partner on this stunt. APN Outdoor supported the idea from Day One and hired a team of fearless workmen- with a great sense of humor- to erect the sign in Bruno-inspired outfits."

Watch the video at while you wait for the film to open in theatres on July 10.

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