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Is the Bruno Movie a huge risk, will it flop?

Bruno Movie

Bruno too gay for America?

Who would ever predict that a movie based on an extremely gay Austrian man wearing tight clothes and jewellery would ever make any money in America? Will the humor be lost on the Average jesus-loving American; they could be preoccupied with being repulsed by Bruno's gayness to even notice the humor.

The effect of Bruno being too gay for the USA could make the $42.5 million Bruno movie deal seem like a certain flop; if its too gay for movie goers then Universal Pictures can't really rely on gay Austrian DVD sales to make up the numbers.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen too well known?

Are members of the public too familiar with the notion of a weird foreign man trying to make fools of them? If a too-funny to be real man from a random country puts a microphone in your face, wouldn't you suspect something fishy and get the hell out of there.

There could be a memo circulating the fashion and entertainment world to look out for a reporters from Austria behaving flamboyantly.

Possible Workarounds?

With a production budget of over $20million and no other big stars or studio costs to support Sacha Baron Cohen can afford to have a huge team around him to pull off his performances and try again and again at new locations if things don't work out. Sacha Baron Cohen's choice of Bruno Victims is so vast that he can send his camera crew into almost any location and try and snare a 'good one'.

If the fashion and entertainment world is looking out for a gay foreigner, then people must be overwhelmed with suspicion because a third of the industry must be gay and foreign. Bruno would fit in perfectly.

Whether Bruno is too gay for the USA, we will just have to wait and see.

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