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Top secret filming for the Bruno Movie

Bruno Movie

With Sacha Baron Cohen's rising public profile and news of the upcoming Bruno movie spreading fast on the net, its no wonder Universal Pictures considers filming a top a secret affair. So far in 2007 there have only been 2 two reports of Sacha Baron Cohen filming in character as Bruno and one of those sightings is unsure.

There were reports in January 2007 that Bruno would be attending the New York Fashion Show in February but no sightings were reported after the show. The tip off could have been a purposely misleading distraction to keep the fashion world guessing or the new and evolved Bruno could have gone unnoticed.

The second report of Bruno filming was more substantial because it was backed up with a detailed eye witness statement that revealed a few top secret facts about the new Bruno. were tipped off by a reader who says he saw Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno at a trade show in L.A. hosted by the Foreign Trade Association:

"He's dressed in leather pants, black vest and a black t-shirt. The hair is kinduva flock of seagulls/sad boy from the cure look - rusty brown hair mopped over to one side and the tips are a frosty blonde."

As we suspected, Universal Pictures is making use of their huge Bruno movie budget to limit the chance of Bruno being spotted as a fake:

"Clearly, 99 percent of the people had no idea who he was. I could only wish I could hear what he was saying in the interviews. Sacha had about 10 people with him. Three people running around with releases to sign, 4 camera people, a blonde haired producer watching the whole thing and a frazzled old dude with string salt and pepper hair checking the sound at the other end of the ballroom."

And we commend the unknown Bruno spotter for trying to get a photo of Bruno in action:

"I tried a couple times to take a picture with my cell phone and they kept blocking me and telling me please don't take a picture. At one point they had someone following me making sure I couldn't get off a picture. The guy told me "Dude give it up, you've trying all day. It's not gonna happen." If I was really gung ho, I'm sure I could have taken one, but he's hilarious and I didn't want to make a scene and screw up his gig."

Read the story in full here and check back here for sightings of Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno.

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