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Bruno Filming In Kansas!

Bruno Movie

Update: Watch The Video Clip!

After almost 4 months of no news and no gossip to report about the new Bruno Movie we are very excited to bring you this news: Local news crews in Kansas are saying a "German" film crew were on the prowl filming a "documentary" about "American culture".

The film crew apparently were granted permission to film at the local Airport but had to be kicked out after the crew stripped down to their tight short shorts and began dancing, kissing and fighting in the Airport lobby! This definitely sounds like a Bruno filming stunt to us. Tight short shorts?!?

We already know Sacha Baron Cohen loves messing with Pastors, it seems he is continuing the trend with Bruno:

"Pastor Greg Smith of Central Community Church says they were contacted by the film crew and were told they were working on a film to be shown in Europe. Smith agreed to let them film the Easter play being performed at the church."

But alas, the Pastor suspected something was afoot when he saw that "one of the crew members was dressed 'biblically' and covered with chains".

Read the original local news stories here and here.

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