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Bruno Pranks Paula Abdul

Bruno has struck again, and this time, the victim is "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul.

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During a recent appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," Dave asked the onetime Laker Girl about her cameo in the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie. The story she relayed next borders on the fantastic, but when the outrageous Bruno and the flaky Paula are involved, anything is possible.

Paula claims that a year ago, she was notified that she had won an award for Austrian and German Entertainer of the Year. Despite not having done anything to deserve such an honor, Paula raced to film an acceptance interview and receive her award.

Upon her arrival at a luxurious mansion in the Hollywood Hills, she was welcomed into a room with no furniture by a film crew who spoke no English. Abdul's now-ex-publicist signed the release form, and the cameras started roiling. Paula claims that she was then met by "this crazy guy that was dressed like Captain Nemo with a fauxhawk."

The singer says she was offered a plate of refreshments that looked "like dog food on a cracker" and was asked to put on a long coat and "run up a Velcro wall." Paula says she thought she was on a "weird Japanese game show" (although one of her rumored alcohol-induced benders would seem more plausible) and went along with the insanity.

When she asked to sit for her acceptance interview, Bruno immediately summoned for "two Mexican gardeners," who got down on all fours and acted as human furniture for Miss Abdul. Bruno, ever the gracious host, instructed Paula to "Sit now!"

Abdul says that she stewed about the incident for weeks, panicking about the footage being released and having yet "another idiotic moment of Paula" come to light. It wasn't until last month, when she was asked by several entertainment publications about her experience working with Cohen on his new movie that she put two and two together and realized that she had been pranked by the one and only Bruno.

You can see Cohen (and almost assuredly Abdul) in the new Bruno movie on July 10.

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