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Bruno Does Paris

Bruno Movie Paris Premiere

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"Gay Par-ee" has perhaps never seemed quite so gay as earlier this week, when Bruno arrived on the Champs-Elysees in a car decorated with feathers and the head of a swan to kick off festivities for the French premiere of his new movie.

Decked out in legless gold-glitter lederhosen and flanked by a posse of male models wearing even less, Bruno stormed the fashion capital of the world in a style that one French journalist described as "tres Village People."

Bruno went on to address the crowd of waiting Parisians, telling them that he had invited "a lot of celebrities, including Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, Eric Clapton, and many, many more of Carla Bruni's ex-boyfriends." That last shot was aimed at the singer/songwriter/model who is currently the First Lady of France. It would not, however, be the final zinger Bruno had in store for the French President.

Later, Bruno made an outrageous appearance on "Le Grand Journal," a French talk show. "The film I have just made is the most important documentary about a gay white guy since 'The Passion of The Christ'," he said. "I thought of calling it 'The Fashion of the Christ'."

Bruno then proceeded to chase host Michel Denisot around the set, gyrating against him to the delight of the live studio audience. Getting nowhere with his advances, the irrepressible fashionista then stripped off a tight black pair of short shorts to reveal a white thong with a picture of French President Nicolas Sarkozy strategically placed over his own Eiffel Tower.

The Bruno movie opens everywhere on July 10.

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