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Bruno, Queen of England

" leather hotpants"

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The promotional blitzkrieg continued this week in London, where Bruno and his man-tourage marched into Leicester Square to the disco classic "I Will Survive," dressed as the Queen's Royal Guards. Well, except for the black leather hotpants.

The bearskin hats, although spot-on, drew some friendly fire from Bruno. "Who designed this ridiculous uniform for fighting? It's the most impractical thing ever. No wonder you lost an empire!"

The Austrian fashionista had a jolly good time sticking it to as many famous Brits as he could during his stay. "I hope Prince Harry is coming to the premiere - I've heard he's a total slut!" Bruno proclaimed at one point. He also gave some fashion advice to schlubby Prime Minister Gordon Brown, sighing, "The guy needs a total makeover. He needs a fake tan, he needs to wear some tight slacks... Gordon, click those heels and say hello."

But not everyone is laughing. Gay rights groups are starting to make noise about the film's tone, claiming that Bruno irresponsibly reinforces many negative gay stereotypes and cliches. When asked by the BBC to respond to the criticism, Bruno replied, "Unfortunately, some people in the gay community conform to the bitchy stereotype, and that really puts all of us back a few years. I mean, I saw that film 'Borat,' by that guy Sacha Baron Co-ven. I found that a very offensive portrayal of a foreigner. Total stereotype."

He went on to argue that his film will even be a boon to gay rights issues. "I mean, what I'm trying to do tonight is undo all the badness done by that film 'Milk,' which has really set the gay community back 20 years with that terrible stereotype... acted by Sean Penn, who's not even gay!"

Bruno opens in theatres on July 10.

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