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Bruno Lets It All Hang Out In Berlin, Germany

" ...what stunned Berliners most was without question his knitted genitalia."

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The flamboyant fashionista donned some outrageous outfits during his exhausting promotional tour through Europe, but he seems to have saved his biggest shock frock for the Berlin premiere of the Bruno movie.

Bruno celebrated the German premiere of his movie by appearing before crowds at the famous Brandenburg Gate wearing a pink knitted bodysuit and matching furry boots. But what stunned Berliners most was without question his knitted genitalia, hanging out on display for all to admire.

Pink knitted genitalia

Bruno's posse for this visit was a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multi-gender melting pot, each model wearing his or her own not-exactly-nude bodysuit, complete with fake nipples, belly buttons, privates, and pubic hair.

Pink knitted genitalia

The bare bunch included an Asian man in a yellow suit, a Hispanic man in a brown suit, an older woman with age-accurate sagging knitted breasts, and an anatomically-correct tranny thrown in for good measure.

Bruno is unveiled in theatres in all his glory on July 10.

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