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Fake Bruno Punks Bruno In Australia

"Vassup, Sydney! Do you like my helmet?"

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Fans screamed as the pink stretch Hummer limo pulled up outside Sydney's State Theatre. They cheered wildly as a gang of now-familiar scantily-clad models poured out. They were in full throat as the flamboyant blond bounded up on stage and began to address them via bullhorn. And they were slightly confused when he was apprehended by bouncers and forcibly led away after just a few moments.

The man was not Bruno. Bruno, it seems, got Brunoed.

An imposter dressed to the nines in a cowboy hat, neon green leggings, and a midriff-baring "G'day Australia" shirt managed to waltz right into the Sydney premiere of Bruno and whip the crowd into a frenzy (all in a fairly decent faux Austrian accent), before it was revealed that the whole episode was a guerilla marketing stunt for Nando's, a Portuguese chain of chicken restaurants.

Jacinta Cavalot, Nando's Australia national PR manager, said, "Sacha Baron Cohen has built his career on pulling these kinds of stunts and poking fun at people. We've been watching the launch of the movie as it's rolled out around the world and couldn't believe no one had tried to pull off a stunt... We really couldn't resist the opportunity to Bruno Bruno."

The real Bruno arrived about thirty minutes later, and did not disappoint fans. Donning a suit of armor (but with sequined hot pants and a skinny tie) and leading a white stallion clad in bondage gear, he was flanked by female models sporting red bikinis and silver bodypaint.

"Vassup, Sydney! Do you like my helmet?" he asked the throng. "This is my last premiere of my tour of the world. Ich have visited seven countries in the last 18 days. This is more than any other Austrian since 1941. Ich really hope my movie realizes its full global potential and doesn't peter out after a promising start like swine flu," he continued. "Let's hope, like herpes, this film continues to infect audiences for the next 1000 years."

The infection begins on July 10, when Bruno opens on theatres worldwide.

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