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Two Loaded Barrels of Southern Hospitality for Bruno

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Bruno has struck again, but this time, his victims tried to retaliate with some real firepower of their own. While filming a scene for his upcoming movie in the Deep South, the flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion correspondent Bruno happened upon a group of good ol' boys hunting in the woods.

A source relates what happened next:

"The crew thought something serious would happen. They were in the middle of nowhere. The hunters thought he was an Austrian TV presenter doing a travel piece. But his behavior became outrageous."

"He said they were all like the 'Sex and the City' girls, and it went downhill from there. Everyone had turned in for the night when [Bruno] started dancing around the campsite naked. They immediately went for their guns and loaded them in front of the camera."

According to the reports, Sacha Baron Cohen and the film crew tried to talk everyone down in the tense moments that followed, but eventually fled.

"Everyone was really shaken up by it all," the source explained.

This scene is touched on briefly in the Bruno movie trailer. We look forward to the full scene in the Bruno movie, which opens everywhere on July 10.

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