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Bruno On Conan O'brien

" ...striptease and lap dance for Conan, complete with a dry-hump of the famed Tonight Show desk."

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While in LA for the premiere of his movie, Bruno also made an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien." Upon introduction, our flamboyant hero emerged from behind the curtain, strutting and preening for the audience.

Then, during an outrageous interview, he repeatedly accused Conan of staring at his "kugelsac" and called him "a bitch... a tall, handsome, naughty bitch." He then informed the apparently-smitten O'Brien that he is "totally faithful to my boyfriend. Apart from blowjobs, obviously." With the studio audience gasping and the censors scrambling for the time-delayed bleep button, Conan (less than a month into his new hosting job) cringed and remarked on "the all-new 'Tonight Show'."

Conan then rolled a clip from the film, showing the scene in which Bruno's Velcro suit gets him thrown out of a Milan fashion show and arrested by Italian police. Back on the set, Bruno explained, "Normally, when 12 guys dressed as cops take me away, it's a birthday treat."

In his second segment, when asked if the infamous Ron Paul sex tape fiasco was influenced by Paris Hilton, Bruno ranted, "Paris Hilton is everything I despise. She comes onto chat shows dressed like an idiot. She's a total name-dropper- Orlando Bloom told me that- and she's really bitchy, which most sluts are."

Then, as the appearance was coming to a close, Bruno proceeded to perform an extended striptease and lap dance for Conan, complete with a dry-hump of the famed Tonight Show desk.

Bruno opens in theatres on July 10.

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