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Australian Prime Minister Dodges Bruno's Bullet

"When's the Prime Minister coming on? I saw him backstage... You guys have got the cutest Prime Minister."

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Bruno's bawdy appearance on Australian chat show 'Rove Live' last week was thisclose to becoming an international political incident. Turns out that Kevin Rudd, the country's Prime Minister, was scheduled to appear on the very same episode of the popular program.

Given the flamboyant fashion correspondent's knack for putting high-profile celebs in impossibly-embarrassing situations, Mr. Rudd was reportedly more than a wee bit nervous. "Basically, I'm in a state of induced panic," the Prime Minister told host Rove McManus, according to a report by 'The Australian.'

The PM's appearance went on as planned, but his interview was shot separately from Bruno's wild sit-down. "I said, 'Are we on together? Like, you know, in the studio at the same time?"' Mr. Rudd reportedly grilled his handlers.

He claims that he found out who else would be on the show only after he had already agreed to the interview. When asked what happened to the political adviser who booked him on the show for the same night as Bruno, Mr. Rudd joked, "Well, they're in therapy."

Bruno, however, had a ball during his own segment, demanding to know, "When's the Prime Minister coming on? I saw him backstage... You guys have got the cutest Prime Minister."

Mr. Rudd may have dodged a bullet, but it left the show's host directly in Bruno's crosshairs. The gay gadabout managed to coax Rove himself out onto the set, dressed in one of the knit faux-nude bodysuits used during the Berlin premiere. Rove wore a skimpy thong with his, which Bruno tore off of him to the delight of the crowd after chasing him around the soundstage.

While Bruno, Rove, and Mr. Rudd posed for a few backstage photos together, one can only wonder what might have happened had Bruno found himself seated next to the Australian Prime Minister with TV cameras rolling and a nationwide primetime audience watching.

The Bruno Movie opens in theatres on July 10.

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