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Bruno Movie - Archives

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Older news stories dating back as far as 2007.

Lawyers Strike Back in Bruno Lawsuit

Universal Pictures has come out swinging in defense of the Bruno movie lawsuit.

Read: Lawyers Strike Back in Bruno Lawsuit.

Bruno Movie Release Delayed!

154 days to go...

Read: Bruno Movie Release Delayed!.

Black Jesus in the Bruno Movie

Rumours of a Black Jesus character in the Bruno movie...

I Want: Black Jesus.

Bruno Adopts African Baby

Bruno and his boyfriend Diesel are set to adopt a little African baby...

Read: Bruno Adopts African Baby.

Bruno & The Gay Orgy

What's more off putting to the average American than a gay orgy?

Read: Gay Orgy.

Bruno Crashes Anti-Gay Rally

Sacha Baron Cohen or Bruno was up to something very strange this week at an anti gay marriage rally in LA...

See the Photos and Video.

Bruno Invades Paris Fashion Week

Sacha Baron Cohen was arrested after his antics during Milan Fashion Week - but it looks like Bruno hasn't learned his lesson...

See the Photo and Video.

Wrong Bruno Movie Title

It turns out that the Bruno movie title that has been mentioned all over the interweb was actually made up as a joke by!

Read more about Wrong Bruno Movie Title.

Bruno Tricks Israeli Secret Agent

Bruno strikes again, this time he manages to fool a former Mossad (Israeli secret service) agent and a Palestinian political analyst into sitting down for an interview with him.

Read more about Bruno Tricks Israeli Secret Agent.

Universal Sets A Release Date

Universal has pooped on the party by announcing a later than hoped release date for the Bruno movie.

Read more about Universal Sets A Release Date.

Schwarzenegger in the Bruno Movie

Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger will make an appearance in the Bruno movie, he was seen doing a scene with Bruno somewhere in California.

Read more about Bruno and Schwarzenegger.

Bruno's Thong

We found a video that shows a new side of our Bruno, he is wearing a thong that rides half way up his back!

See Bruno's Thong.

Bruno Movie Title

Brüno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt?

Continue reading Bruno Movie Title.

Bruno in the Local News

Watch a retarded local news report about Sacha Baron Cohens filming stunt for Bruno The Movie.

Continue reading Bruno in the Local News.

Bruno Tricks Ben Affleck

Gossip and rumours about the Bruno Movie have begun popping up everywhere! A reporter for the National Enquirer was on the Howard Stern show last Thursday and talked about Ben Affleck realizing he had just been tricked into doing an interview with Bruno!

Continue reading Bruno Tricks Ben Affleck.

Watch The New Bruno In Action!

A video clip has surfaced of Bruno and his sidekick doing there thing in the airport lobby in Wichita, Kansas! Watch the new Bruno in action for the first time ever!

Continue reading Watch Bruno In Action.

Bruno Filming In Kansas!

After almost 4 months of no news and no gossip to report about the new Bruno Movie we are very excited to bring you this news: Local news crews in Kansas are saying a "German" film crew were on the prowl filming a "documentary" about "American culture"...

Continue reading Bruno Filming In Kansas.

Hollywood writers strike delays Bruno Movie

British paper The Times reports that the strike by the Writers Guild of America this November has 'stalled' the production of the upcoming Bruno Movie...

Continue reading Hollywood writers strike delays Bruno Movie.

Top secret filming for the Bruno Movie

With Sacha Baron Cohen's rising public profile and news of the upcoming Bruno movie spreading fast on the net, its no wonder Universal Pictures considers filming a top a secret affair. So far in 2007 there have only been 2 two reports of Sacha Baron Cohen filming in character as Bruno and one of those sightings is unsure.

There were reports in January 2007 that Bruno Movie crew would be attending the New York Fashion Show in February but no sightings were reported after the show. The tip off could have been a purposely misleading distraction to keep the fashion world guessing or his new and evolved appearance for the Bruno film could have gone unnoticed.

Continue reading Top secret filming for the Bruno Movie.

Isla Fischer Says No Sex For Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen's wife to be, Isla Fisher, says she could handle Cohen remaining in character as Borat 24 hours a day but draws the line with the gay Austrian character from the Bruno film.

Continue reading No Sex For Bruno.

Is the Bruno Movie a huge risk, will it flop?

Bruno too gay for America?

Who would ever predict that a movie based on an extremely gay Austrian man wearing tight clothes and jewelery would ever make any money in America? Will the humor in the Bruno Movie be lost on the Average Jesus-loving American; they could be preoccupied with being repulsed by Bruno's gayness to even notice the humor.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen too well known?

Are members of the public too familiar with the notion of a weird foreign man trying to make fools of them? If a too-funny to be real man from a random country puts a microphone in your face, wouldn't you suspect something fishy and get the hell out of there.

Continue reading Is the Bruno Movie a huge risk, will it flop?.

Bruno Movie Trailer (soon, promise.)

At the moment it is just a distant dream but we have created this page ready for the release of the Bruno Movie Trailer. We will keep you updated with any developments!

Our Bruno Movie Trailer page.

Should Austria fear Bruno and his Movie?

The release of the Borat movie in 2006 portrayed Kazakhstan as a backwards, racist, anti-Semite, misogynist and incestual country with nothing to offer the world. Should Austria treat the upcoming Bruno Movie as a threat to its economy and national image?

Continue reading Should Austria fear Bruno and his Movie?.

Lucrative Bruno Movie Deal

During October 2006, a month before the release of the 'Borat' movie, there was a bidding war being fought between the largest film studios in Hollywood. The sought after prize were the rights to produce a movie based on an unknown fictional gay Austrian character.

The bidding war was reported by who described it as an "intense bidding war".

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