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The Bruno Movie

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The Bruno Movie is Sacha Baron Cohen's top secret project based on his crazy gay Austrian character 'Bruno'. is the place to get the latest news and gossip on The Bruno Movie!

Bruno DVD Release Date and Extras Announced!

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced a US release date of November 17th for the Bruno DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Read: Release Date and Extras Announced

Bruno DVD Release Date?

No official release date has been set for the Bruno DVD but we are expecting it towards the end of September.

Read: Bruno DVD Release Date?


After a pre-release publicity blitzkrieg that spanned many months and even more countries, Bruno seems to have crashed and burned. Hard.

Read: R.I.P. Bruno?

Bruno On Top After Opening Weekend

The flamboyant fashionista found himself in a familiar position after a wild weekend: on top and in charge.

Read: Bruno On Top After Opening Weekend

Bruno Movie Opening Reviews, A Round Up

After months of hype, moviegoing audiences can finally be the judge of Bruno. But that hasn't stopped the critics from weighing in with their opinions.

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SBC Goes Out Of Character On Letterman

Sasha Baron Cohen made an extraordinarily rare out-of-character appearance and shared more fascinating stories about the making of "Bruno."

Read: SBC Goes Out Of Character On Letterman

Behind The Scenes With Sacha Baron Cohen

Universal Pictures recently released a fascinating look at how SBC and his crew compiled some of the outrageous footage that will be unleashed on the world when Bruno finally hits theatres.

Read: Behind The Scenes With Sacha Baron Cohen

Bruno Punk'd by a Fake Bruno (Video)

An imposter dressed to the nines in a cowboy hat, neon green leggings, and a midriff-baring "G'day Australia" shirt managed to waltz right into the Sydney premiere of Bruno.

Read: Fake Bruno!

Bruno On Australian Chat Show (Video)

Bruno appeared on the popular Australian talk show "Rove Live" and had loads of fashion advice for dapper host Rove McManus.

Read: Bruno On Australian Chat Show

Bruno's Erection Goes Over BIG In Sydney

Gay fashion icon Bruno took his publicity tour Down Under last week with eye-popping results.

Read: Bruno's Erection Goes Over BIG In Sydney

Bruno On Conan O'brien

During an outrageous interview, he repeatedly accused Conan of staring at his "kugelsac" and called him "a bitch... a tall, handsome, naughty bitch." He then informed the apparently-smitten O'Brien that he is "totally faithful to my boyfriend. Apart from blowjobs, obviously."

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Bruno Movie Hollywood Premiere

Despite the sudden passing of Michael Jackson mere hours before and just a few miles away, Bruno's Hollywood red carpet premiere went on as scheduled last week.

Read: Bruno Movie Hollywood Premiere

Jackson's Death Forces Edit of Bruno Movie

Just hours before the LA premiere of Bruno, editors rushed to make a last-minute edit to the film in response to the sudden death of pop icon Michael Jackson.

Read: Jackson's Death Forces Last-Minute Edit of Bruno Movie.

LA Bruno Movie Premiere Covers Michael Jackson's Star

Michael Jackson fans who thought they were creating a makeshift shrine at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame were unknowingly at the wrong location.

Read: LA Bruno Movie Premiere Covers Michael Jackson's Star.

Bruno Lets It All Hang Out In Berlin (Photos)

Bruno has donned some outrageous outfits during his exhausting promotional tour through Europe, but he seems to have saved his biggest shock frock for the Berlin premiere of the Bruno movie.

Read: The Bruno Movie Berlin Premiere.

Bruno Bulls His Way in to Madrid

After sashaying through Paris and parading into London, globetrotting fashion icon Bruno has outdone even himself in Madrid.

Read: The Bruno Movie Madrid Premiere.

Bruno: The First Reviews Are In

Following the French premiere of Bruno, British tabloid The Sun has released the first review of the movie, almost a month before its official opening.

Read: Bruno: The First Reviews Are In.

Bruno, Queen of England

The promotional blitzkrieg continued this week in London, where Bruno and his man-tourage marched into Leicester Square to the disco classic "I Will Survive," dressed as the Queen's Royal Guards.

Read: The Bruno Movie: London Premiere.

Bruno Arrives in Amsterdamn, On a Jet Ski

"It gives me great pleasure to declare Amsterdam's 'pink light district' officially open for business!"

Read: Bruno Movie Premieres in Amsterdamn.

Bruno Movie Paris Premiere

Bruno arrived on the Champs-Elysees in a car decorated with feathers and the head of a swan to kick off festivities for the French premiere of his new movie.

Read: Bruno Movie Paris Premiere.

Bruno Pranks Paula Abdul

Paula claims that a year ago, she was notified that she had won an award for Austrian and German Entertainer of the Year...

Read: Bruno Pranks Paula Abdul.

Two Loaded Barrels of Southern Hospitality for Bruno!

Bruno has struck again, but this time, his victims tried to retaliate with some real firepower of their own.

Read: Two Loaded Barrels of Southern Hospitality for Bruno!.

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